PhD students

Proposed doctoral dissertation subjects in the Department of Technical Physics

Examination of the nearest environment of luminescent ions using the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance technique.


Supervisor: Anna Szymczyk, PhD, DSc, Professor of WPUT

Mentor: Grzegorz Leniec, PhD

Field of science: Materials Engineering


In cooperation with international partners (NTU Taiwan, ChAS China, NRC Italy), the employees study the nearest environment of luminescent ions in UV, LED and IR diodes. The closest surrounding of luminescent ions affects the characteristics and shape of the luminescence spectrum and the radiation emission efficiency. To determine the closest surrounding of the ions two research methods must be used: optical and electron paramagnetic resonance studies. The first method determines the crystal field, the second one the local symmetry and deformation of this symmetry (for specific ions). Our team is engaged in EPR studies. It will be the responsibility of the doctoral student to learn the EPR technique (with the mentor), perform the study and help to analyze the results. All staff involved in the examination of these materials will be co-authors of the publication of the results. Our research is published in journals with high IF (impact factor), e.g. Energy Letters - IF~19.0 (200 pts of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education), Chemistry of Materials - IF~9.6 (200 pts of the Ministry of Science and Higher Eduaction) or Angewandte Chemie - IF~13.0 (200 pts of the Ministry of Science and Higher Eduaction), see In addition, we will prepare a project to NCN for funding of low temperature measurements and a possible training trip to our partners (SHANG project, China).

Requirements include only English language skills and a passion for measurements. Experience will come with time and supports from the mentors.

Contact and detailed information:

Grzegorz Leniec, Department of Technical Physics

tel. +48 91 449 40 32

publication date: 27.04.2021